ARTEA   1 Chemin du Collet    06670 COLOMARS
Valentin  PUGNET            Gilles  GARIN (English spoken)
ARTEA is a company of the landscape, gardening, located in Colomars, in the Nice hills. 
It is headed by the founding partners Valentin PUGNET and Gilles GARIN, both graduates of the CFPPA of Antibes, qualified and experienced. 

Our radius of intervention covers the Maritime Alps from the coast to the country way. 
We intervene in all private gardens, villas, parks of condominiums for clients ranging from individual professionals to landscape architecture, property management of Park building, or for the green areas of businesses and shops and areas.  
Our PACA region particularly lends itself to outdoor recreation and activities and have a garden or a playground,
is a real daily source of pleasure and relaxation. 
This green space which we can fully enjoy almost the half of the year demand our attention and deserves to be build and
maintained, valued. 
How to neglect a space where we could spend 50% of our free time pleasantly?... 
Our profession of gardener is based on our skills, our knowledge training and field experiences, on the mastery of the techniques of working with professional tools, from our expertise of the various products dedicated to the landscape and gardening. 
We are present at your side, at your disposal, and our role is to offer you solutions adapted to the case by case. 
Our skills and the choice of our suppliers may allow a development of your spaces for reasonable budgets. 
No garden is similar, no person has the same idea, the same design of the ideal garden, and it is so much better! 
ARTEA is located between "idea" of this garden designed by our customers and its realization. 
Listening to the wishes of our clients, we bring our knowledge and our advice on the botanical and technical constraints that might escape him to bring his project to a successful completion. 
Planning at the regular maintenance of your site, ARTEA follows the evolution, improves it and maintains the quality level that this privileged place that is your garden is still a place of leisure. 
Your garden is our business... 
Our commitments: 
Our intention is to create a professional relationship based on the confidence gained over our services by our seriousness, our responsiveness and our skills to our clients. 
Our working method: 
We are engaged in a voluntary approach of sustainable development which is beneficial to all. 
We equip and maximum use of professional equipment the quieter, less polluting and energy possible (portable power tools) 
Phytosanitary treatments are reasoned and emphasis is placed on the preventive. 
Our tooling is daily disinfected to avoid any risk of the spread of fungal diseases of a site to another, further reducing the need to
treat your plants. 

Our goal is to simply reduce the better the impact of our work on the environment.