Green spaces maintenance services
We intervene in provision of maintenance in the gardens and parks of all areas with specific clients with a private garden
and professional manager or renting of real estate condominiums. 
These benefits are realised in one-off forms, at the request or by established between ARTEA and client annual maintenance contract.  
Maintenance contracts or rebates to level are preceded by a visit to your site to get in touch with you and assess your real needs.  
Travel and quotes are free.  
Our services, depending on the configuration of your green spaces may include: mowing the lawn scarification 
The prun of your hedges and flower beds, the prun of your shrubs, citrus, fruit and olive trees the weeding of your driveways and paths.

The work of the soil.

Maintenance of sprinkler systems on plant health vigilance (reasoned treatments) fertilization in optimal time raking and cleaning of walkways, paths and all spaces green clearing, mowing the green waste removal.
Contact us so that we can assess overall maintenance of your green space needs. 
See you again.